December Daily: Day 1

I feel like I should call mine “Holiday Daily”, but I have already started with the name “December Daily” with published posts, so I really should stick with it. At least most of my pages will be in December. And, I hope Ali doesn’t mind. :-)

This is my “day 1” and thus my first page. I embossed the date. This is my first time using embossing ink and stamps like these. They so cool since I can place the little stamps in any configuration I want on the stamp block. Very neat. The “page” is an acrylic circle.

DecDaily Day1 #2

DecDaily #1

DecDaily Day1 #2 DecDaily Day1 #3

This page is about setting up our tree. The writing on the page says: “Setting up the tree… …nothing but lights right now, but it is out of the attic! Usually this happens after Thanksgiving, but this is a busy year. The holiday season has started!”

The picture was printed on Ilford Premium Pearl 4″x6″ Inch Photo Paper. This was my first time using our printer as a photo printer and the photo looks great.

A picture of my work area and process – all my necessary items on my ArtBin storage case.

DecDaily Day1 #4

As I was putting this post on my private blog, I realized that I should post my completed December Daily pages and parts of the process on this blog too to show them off and then have the ability to share my pages with Ali since she loves seeing other people’s December Dailies.

The continuing challenge now will be to find something mini scrapbook worthy to include each day. I know what tomorrow will be!

The supplies I used on my “Day 1” are: