Kitchen Faucet Install

My dad and I installed a new faucet in the kitchen. My back always got sore when I washed dishes and I felt like it was because our faucet was too low and close to the sink. The faucet was high enough to fill tall glasses but everything always had to be filled in the center of the sink. I was looking for a faucet where I could move the neck and possibly one with the sprayer hose in the faucet neck. Well, once I went out looking for a kitchen faucet and realized how expensive they are, I decided to go with a gooseneck one that had a sprayer separate. I still purchased a brushed nickel one like I wanted to replace our current chrome one. I did forget to take a picture of the original faucet but found a month-old picture of the faucet – it is just a standard builder-grade chrome kitchen faucet.

It is amazing how much stuff is under the sink that needs to be removed when replacing a faucet. I took the opportunity to organize those items into a large bin. It looks so much nicer.