Not quite a company. This is a personal blog. My name is Chrissy. Welcome to my previously Interior Design and Organization blog that has been redesigned into a minimalist blog with some add-on interests. On this site you will find lots of pictures, projects, and things I get myself into.

I have organized most of my life – from a young child organizing my toys and dolls to organizing just about everything in my house. I have helped friends organize their homes, colleagues organize their offices, and sometimes a mixture of the two. Until a few years ago, I thought moving things around, categorizing, and putting like things together would bring about a wonderful change in surroundings, but it still kept us cluttered.

For 4 years, I worked as an electrical and computer engineer. During my employment in my two engineering jobs, I always branched out and helped with the organization work associated with my jobs: documentation, parts lists, inventory, tidy file systems for computer and paper, chronological data, data back-ups, and comprehensive manuals. The organization worked here, but simplifications of processes were what made the biggest differences.

For 3 years, I was the owner of Functional Spaces, Inc., a Professional Organizing company. I helped many people get their spaces organized, home and office alike, however, my personal safety started to be questioned, so I decided to close down the business plus there seemed to be something missing. I needed a new way of looking at the big picture of clutter. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference.

Since about 1999, I've been blogging and occasionally helping friends and family with organizing their spaces. The biggest change is I have figured out through experience that reducing the clutter and general amount of stuff is the way to go. If there is less and things still need to be organized, it is far easier to find things and do the things you really want to do… not keep working on the house.

I’ve been on quite an adventure these last few years and I plan to share my past experiences along with things that happen going forward. Go Minimalism!

Thank you for visiting!