2015 July | Minimalist Challenge Game | Day 30


There are still more things to go, but this is Day 30 and the conclusion of this month’s Minimalist Challenge Game. It was so much fun to use a game to help me let go of items I was having a hard time making decisions on. I can go back to my routine of donating items each month usually following the convention of placing 1+ item(s) in a bin each day (or 7+ at sometime during the week) and then documenting and donating everything at the end of the month.

I’d love to do a digital minimalist game, but can’t quite figure out a set of good rules to follow.

It gets harder each time, but I will definitely be doing this again!

Items Pictured: bag of fabric scraps intended for pillow stuffing, scrapbook stuff, jewelry
Status: Donated/Trash
Today: 107
Total: 680 of 465