Handmade Ladder

2016-05-28 16.53.48
Photo of my handmade ladder being used in my new apartment in May 2016.

This post below was written by me in February 2015 on my private blog and brought over to my public blog in May 2016:

Handmade Ladder

Many, many years ago{2001}, I purchased a 5′ decorative ladder from Scarborough Fair in Cambridge, MD. I’ve used the ladder for all sorts of things throughout the years (drying herbs, jewelry, magazines), but most recently, I’ve been using it for a super handy purpose – to hang my once worn clothes that I’d like to wear again during the week and not throw them into the hamper. My husband does the same thing with once worn clothing, however, his clothes stack on top of the hamper which makes it difficult to get things into the hamper and it doesn’t look as tidy.

I’ve wanted to get him a ladder and I just haven’t found one out anywhere, so I finally purchased the materials last month to make him one! I measured my ladder and then adjusted the measurements for a 6′ ladder. Today, I sanded the 6′ x 2″ x 1″ posts with sandpaper blocks indoors, cut the 4 pieces of 4′ x 3/8″ dowel rod down to 12 pieces of 12″ long dowel rod being very careful on the kitchen table, drilled 3/8″ holes while using the paint cans as supports off the floor, and then glued it all together with fast-tack super-strong wood glue. This would normally be a project for outside, but it is cold and I didn’t want to mess up the snow. :) The garage could have worked but it is cold out there too and the project worked out okay in the kitchen – such a multipurpose space. It will dry overnight and maybe I can paint it tomorrow along with my ladder. I’ve been wanting to paint mine for a while and I have paint left from when I was going to paint the kitchen cabinets many years ago, so I don’t need to buy anything. Yay!

2015Project ladder

I just LOVE using some/all of my surplus materials on these project. Great sense of accomplishment.