2015 July | Minimalist Challenge Game | Day 6


This minimizing day 6 back in April was in 2 waves. I had some scrapbook stuff to give a friend and a local donation center. It is hard to decide who gets what sometimes, but I try to follow need and want. I don’t want to overburden my friend with things she doesn’t need and I consider her first for things I know she wants (and things I think she might want :) ). Donation centers have a lot of needs and wants, so I consider each center’s highest priorities and donate accordingly. It has taken a few years, but I think I have a good, varied list of places to donate and what they prefer. It is nice knowing things go to the right places to get used rather than tossed since that is one of my donation motivations.

Items Pictured: lots of stamps, stamp box, bag of plastic bags to recycle, paint fandeck, scrapbook stuff
Items Not Pictured: scrapbook stuff, clothes, boxes
Status: Donated/Given/Recycled
Today: 28
Total: 54 of 21