25 Random Things About Me

Since my friend Carla wrote down her Random Things and I have had some requests on Facebook for mine, I decided to list my Random Things. I was just going to do 20 like Carla when I saw that on Facebook they are doing 25, so I did 25 instead…

  1. I love interior design. I consider my style part Modern part Rustic with a little industrial, arts-and-crafts, Bohemian, and Japanese. What a combination you may think. Yes, it is odd. I call it Eclectic.
  2. I am crazy about organization.  I can’t let a week go by without organizing something from a cabinet to my scrapbook stuff. At every job I have had, I have pointed out that my passion for organization is one of my strongest strengths. It is a definition of my character.
  3. I have painted almost all of the rooms in my house twice and the living room will be painted for the third time this spring.
  4. I almost never follow a recipe. I always have to change something. See earlier Post.
  5. I don’t like following the rules other than of course driving and laws. I believe you should know the rules and follow them if you must, but if there is no harm to anyone or anything, then the rules should be allowed to be tested. As my Painting I art teacher once said, “First you learn the rules, and then you challenge them – that is where the growth begins” or something very similar.
  6. I can sew, cross stitch, and I even patch my husband’s pants when they get holes in them.
  7. I have been involved in practicing earth-friendly awareness since 9th grade.
  8. I was the only person in one of my senior level Physics classes in college – I made my own schedule.
  9. Some of my favorite movies that I watch over and over are not-so-serious movies – I like the ones I don’t have to think about but if I do, there is a lot of hidden meaning – Clueless; Ferris Bueller; Breakfast Club; most Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks animated movies, and Tim Burton animated movies (Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride).
  10. I am at an eternal struggle with myself most days – the analytical side that wants to do things by the book and be organized and structured and the creative side that wants to do things chaotically and what ever gets done gets done. What is it like at odds with yourself sometimes? Counter productive is all I have to say.
  11. I am always organizing something – a closet, a room, my desk, or boxes that my parents bring from my childhood…
  12. Until I was 18 and went to college, I lived in the same house my whole life.
  13. I went to 5 proms in high school and 1 high school prom in college. I had a lot of boyfriends in high school, but I was a good girl.
  14. In high school for Powder Puff (girl’s flag football), the name on the back of my jersey was Weird & Unusual (from Beetlejuice).
  15. My absolute favorite store is Ikea.
  16. My favorite color is Violet (the blue side of violet not the red side).
  17. Probably more than 80% of my diet is organic food.
  18. I am a mild hypochondriac.
  19. I love gothic architecture and castles (not the flashy castles though).
  20. I create a task list every day (well almost every day and minus weekends) and most days I don’t complete all of the items. What I don’t complete, moves to the top of the list for the next day. The list can be no longer than 9 items. 3 must do’s, 3 probably do’s, and 3 we’ll-see-how-today-goes do’s.
  21. I was called gadget girl in college because of all my techie toys.
  22. I was called mouse in high school because I would scurry through the halls weaving through people so that I could get to my next class with time to spare.
  23. I attend the Renaissance Festival every fall and I dress as a gypsy – an outfit that I put together. Way back in my family history we were Russian gypsies.
  24. I never imagined I would live on the eastern shore as long as I have lived here.
  25. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is turn on my computer and look to see if my husband is on Trillian to see that he got to work safely.
  26. One of my favorite past-times is watching my husband play video games. It is like watching a movie that is really long. (I like to play video games myself, but there is something different about watching him play.)
  27. I enjoy making furniture. Not fancy or decorative, but practical functional items. When I can’t find what I want in a store, I just design it and then buy the wood and other items to build it. Right now I am working on an entertainment center.
  28. I have 2 cats – one who is spoiled and one who is rotten. Together the are spoiled rotten. :-)
  29. I got back into scrapbooking after putting together an album for my mom for Christmas. During the week after Christmas, I did 50 pages for my own scrapbooks. During the month of January, I completed another 50 pages. They aren’t full of embellishments and fancy stuff, but I am not that kind of girl. However, the pictures are artfully arranged and the papers are coordinating with the pictures. What a way to get back into it!
  30. My favorite dog is the Goldendoodle. Hopefully, one will join our family one day.
  31. I want to design and build (well, contractors build) my own house near the woods in the country in the mountains someday.

… Okay, I know. This is more than 25. Like I said in #5, I don’t like following the rules. :-)