A Room Divided

I have rearranged our living room again. This “obsession” with rearranging stems back to my early teen years and possibly earlier. After a while, I get tired of an arrangement. Luckily, I have a computer program that I can arrange furniture in before actually rearranging it. It drastically decreases the time it takes and prevents me from making mistakes thinking things will fit and they don’t. The program also gives me freedom to rearrange in ways I wouldn’t dare try for fear of having to move the furniture many, many times.

I tried something new this time. Last time I rearranged the furniture, we introduced two new desks into our living room. I designed the room so that we could see the TV from the desks with only slight movement. I realized that we need a little separation and so this time, I divided the room in half where the desks are on one side and the couch and TV are on the other. It is still a cohesive room with good flow from one area to another, and I feel as if I have given us some freedom from the TV too. We will see in time.

Living room arrangement (before)Living room arrangement (after)
Room before rearranging : Room after rearranging.