Bathroom Vanity Light

For a while now, about 7 years, I have had the same light in the main bathroom off the 2nd floor hallway. It was originally with the light facing down, but I made a frame for the mirror and then the light didn’t fit flush against the wall anymore. I had to turn the glass shades so they faced up. This created a nice ambient light that faced up, but casted weird shadows in the bathroom. This fall, I had a list of things to change in the house and this was one of them. The light is finally changed. I just have to paint the cabinet and I think this bathroom may just be complete for now.

The original light was a brown color and the new one is a trendy brushed nickel. The original glass shades were while and then new ones are a really nice brown. They cast a beautiful light in the bathroom. I decided to go with 40W equivalent CFLs and they warm up quickly and 3 of them make the bathroom so bright.

The light was purchased at Lowes. This type of light is where the fixture and glass shades are purchased separately so you can purchase exactly what you want. The wiring is simple – 3 connections – copper ground, white wire, and black wire. Just remember to turn off the power to the outlet preferably from the power/fuse box.

Old Light/New Light

Old Bathroom/New Bathroom