Bead Tackle Box

One of my January goals is to start making and selling necklaces on Etsy. With all new ventures, there is start-up involved. My start-up involved: beads, wire, and a way to organized everything. I purchased new materials and made 3 new necklaces to list and then wondered how many other materials I had but knew that most were in a bin upstairs that took me bringing everything out of the bin to see what I had. I was determined to get my beads and supplies organized.

While celebrating my birthday by going out to dinner with my husband’s dad and step-mom, we got to talking about my crafting hobbies. I mentioned wanting to organize my beads and my husband’s dad suggested using a tackle box. I said that I had looked into them briefly a little while ago and hadn’t found anything that would work. When we got home, I started looking at tackle boxes – they have come a long way. After searching that evening, I narrowed my choices to 3 possibilities. I mentioned to my husband my choices and my logic.

My logic being: When I am looking at two things where one is a cheaper version and the other is better quality version, to wait, do my research, and consider that later I will probably want the better quality one. Money is saved in the long run not buying the cheaper one just to turn around and buy the better quality one later. There is less waste and time is saved too since I won’t be trying to sell the old things. I’ve been trying to follow this logic for a little while now – some things are just not possible, but in most cases the logic works pretty well.

The tackle box I finally chose, ordered, and received has the potential for almost 200 compartments! I know it was a bit much in cost, but every last bead I own fits in this box plus lots of room to grow. I could even use it for lots of other craft stuff should I decide not to continue with beading after a while – even though I have been beading something since sometime before my teens. This afternoon and evening I worked on sorting the beads and filling up the tackle box. Now, I need to list the necklaces on Etsy by the end of the month. Hopefully, they will sell and I can make more and get some real use out of this tackle box!

Beads CollectedClosed and Empty

Open and EmptyOpen and FullBeads Sorted