Bedroom of a Different Color

As I have mentioned earlier, I have an obsession at times with changing the look of the inside of my house. This time it was the master bedroom’s turn to look different. For the last 7 years, my bedroom has been violet-indigo – the official color is called Heliotrope.

My usual process is to go to Home Depot, choose a few samples, bring them home, and then choose between them after viewed in various forms of light a couple times throughout the day. Then once a color is chosen, I go to the store and buy the color in Behr Satin sheen.

However, with my movement to green products, I was disappointed that Home Depot did not have a low or no VOC interior paint option. Just in case you don’t know, VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound and exposure to them can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and cause choking, coughing, and a scratchy throat. I have experienced these things when painting using my previous paint, so after lots of research into earth friendly paint options, I chose to go with Sherwin Williams due to their most earth friendly paint option being zero-VOC – it is called Harmony. I bought a fan deck of all of the colors so there would be no running back and forth to and from the store to figure out what color I want. After strategically going through the entire fan deck and ruling out those I didn’t like, I got down to 3 colors. I then checked those colors with all of the items that would be going into the bedroom. After comparison, I decided to go with SW6039 Poised Taupe – I have been leaning toward neutrals recently, so it fit with the current trend of the house.

I bought paint last week and this Wednesday I painted the bedroom after removing everything from the room, cleaning the walls, and spackling the holes. The paint had barely no smell as it was going on the walls. Once dry there was no smell and we were able to sleep in the bedroom that evening. In addition, I only had to use one coat to cover the previous color completely – that is a first for me! From now on I will be using Sherwin Williams Harmony paint.

Bedroom MasterBedroom Master
Before : Master Bedroom : Heliotrope

Bedroom MasterBedroom Master
After : Master Bedroom : Poised Taupe

The headboard is stained a dark American Walnut so that it matches with the rest of the furniture and has a Polyacrylic Water-based sealer.