Chocolate Berry Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Main Ingredients & Deviations

  • 70g frozen strawberries (1/2 cup)
  • 30g frozen blueberries (1/4 cup)
  • 30-40g frozen bananas (1/2 small)
  • 21g Chocolate Spirutein
  • water
  • ice

My husband and I like our smoothies slightly different, so at this point the ingredients break into two deviations:

Deviation 1:

  • 120g fat-free milk

Deviation 2:

  • 50g yogurt
  • 70g Kefir
  • 70g milk


We use an immersion blender and two blender cups so we can make two different smoothies at the same time, but a blender or smoothie maker work just fine too.

Add desired ingredients to blender of choice. With the immersion blender, I tend to add the fruit, then the protein powder, and then the liquids since that makes for better mixing. I would guess with a conventional blender, the opposite would be true: liquid, powder, then fruit. Blend.

Add water and ice to make your smoothie your desired consistency. If you like it thick, add ice. If you like it thin, add water. If it goes too thick or thin add water or ice appropriately. Blend.

Add smoothie straw. Unless your smoothie is thin, a normal thin straw will not do. We use the smoothie straws from Panera.