Completed Side Tables

I finally got motivated while we had nice weather the beginning of September and was able to finish our side tables. In a previous post, I showed them in their unfinished state and promised that I would put new pictures up once they were done. The rest of what needed to be done was staining and putting the polyacrylic on them.

Side TableSide Table
Side Table

I stained them with a medium brown first and then did a second coat of stain in black. The result is a very dark brown that has hints of the black and medium brown. I tried out a new staining process too. I usually stain with a brush (bristle or foam), but this time, I tried out a sponge and used gloves. The stain goes on much more even and so much faster. I was able to stain both side tables and their respective shelves along with the water-based acrylic top coat in one day – I started about 9am and finished about 6pm with bunches of breaks in between.

Side TableSide Table

We now have completed side tables. It is on to finishing the desks now with their polyacrylic before it gets too cold outside.