From Blah to Bold to Calm

Bedroom #2Bedroom #2Bedroom #2
Guest Bedroom Phase 1 : Guest Bedroom Phase 2 : Guest Bedroom Phase 3

From blah to bold to calm, this bedroom is like a chameleon. This room started out and remained a guestroom for quite a while until recently when it became more of a craft room/office with an occasional guest.

Phase 1 of this bedroom with the white walls, borrowed furniture, and Ikea bedding and cabinet had that just moved in look since, well, I had just moved in.

Once the time came for painting this bedroom, phase 2, I was in a crazy color mood and things became a bit bold. Grass green walls and futon, electric blue cabinet and rug, green and yellow accents, and lots of stuffed animals. And, yes, this was used as a guest room still.

Phase 1 to Phase 2 changes included:

  • Upgrading the twin mattress to a full-sized futon
  • Painting the walls a grass green
  • Upgrading the small cabinet to a large cabinet to hold blankets and sheets and guest-type things
  • Adding lots of accessories including stuffed animals and pictures

The current design, phase 3, reflects a calming of my personality. The 5 color elements used to design the room are:

  • sage green
  • dark brown
  • brushed nickel
  • white
  • medium brown

This room still has a ways to go, but it is currently functional.