Jumbo Space Bags

Space Bag

My weekly projects have spread into the weekend for once. I have to share these “new to me” huge space bags. They are awesome!  I can fit so much in them and plan on buying many more for other items.

The first thing I used the Jumbo Space Bag for is my stuffed animal collection. They were taking up a lot of room in the attic and this is my first step to getting the attic more organized and condensed. All of the stuffed animals (minus the two huge ones) fit into this jumbo bag – 6 or so bags into 1 – too cool!

Bag full of stuffed animalsBag zipperedBag vacuumedBag all done

My second Jumbo Space Bag was used for the many blankets we have in the house. I pared them down before determining the stack to try to fit in the bag. All of the blankets didn’t fit, but many more than I thought.

Of all of the blankets in the Space Bag before vacuuming, I had to remove the bright orange one… it just wouldn’t fit.  All of the blankets left over are the ones used for guests the most, so they will go in another space bag with pillows and towels that will be stored in the guest room for easy access.

Blankets to fitBlanket bag filledCompleted blanket space bag

Looking forward to purchasing more Jumbo Space Bags early next week… Yay!!!