Kitchen Drawer Mod

We have these 2 drawers in our kitchen that are in the corner of our cabinets. You can’t open them up at the same time due to them being at a right angle to each other. This never used to be a problem until I decided one day that I wanted knobs on my cabinet drawers. The doors had them and I was tired of either grabbing under the face of the drawer or, like I usually did, grabbing the top of the drawer face and snapping a nail or making my finger tips sore. Once the drawer knobs were on, the two doors perpendicular to each other would each only open almost 1/2 way. Well, that is loosing more than 1 total drawer and that was completely unacceptable, but I wanted my knobs, so I went to the drawing board.

It took me two tries to get it right and the first attempt was a more complicated mistake so was not ashamed of it (not that you should be ashamed of creative mistakes, but I was proud of how far I got until the mistake happened and sometimes mistakes happen early that you just want to kick yourself about). The first attempt was flawed by the hinge placement. I forgot that if I wanted to hinge the drawer face that I needed to place it at the bottom of the drawer not the bottom of the drawer face since there is an overhang between those two which results in a gap that forms and a hinge that won’t open more than 45 degrees. It is all angles and I forgot about that one.

It was easy to fix though and when everything came together, it was awesome. So, what I did was use magnetic catches on the inside of the drawer and hinges on the bottom so that the drawer face could hinge down and be flush with the bottom of the drawer. This allows the drawer with the hinges to be pulled out and not conflict with the door knob that sticks out of the drawer that is perpendicular to it. Also, it allows the perpendicular drawer to be pulled out completely without running into the other drawer knob.

Some pictures to explain my possibly confusing explanation…

Even my kitty Veda helped out – well, not really, but she was there for moral support as I tried to figure it out

Updates: My dad came to visit in November and loved my solution to the drawer problem. My mom and dad came to visit for my birthday in January. I showed my mom the cabinet drawer and she was so proud of me!