Living Room Lighting

It was time for some new lighting in the living room. The lights we had were really nice still, but I wanted to use them in one of the bedroom upstairs, so I researched to see what I liked and then see if I could find it locally. I did find the lights at 2 different stores and decided to get them at Target. They were pretty easy to put together. The harder part of getting the right wattage of CFL for the room. I didn’t want to be blinded, but I wanted the lights to light up the room. We have a ceiling fan with a light if we want garish bright overhead lighting. We have task lighting on our desks, so just a nice natural light would be good. After starting with the 150W equivalent, we ended up with the simple 40W equivalent CFL. We will be saving so much too with these new lights. Also, a neat added feature is these lights have 3 shelves for our speakers, a candle, and a few little items that usually go on an end table but now I can free up that space. The lamps turned out great!