Organizing the Attic

The attic has always been a problem area. There is so much I would like to store up there but the area is so narrow that I have to make sure everything stays close to the sides. If more than just the middle had plywood, I’d have SO much room. I still get a lot up there though and it has gone through lots of phases of organization. Each phase is better than the previous and it keeps getting better.

This time I made a lot of good improvements. I moved our seasonal clothes into clear bins so we can see them and know what we have. The blue bins the clothes used to be in became storage bins for household items. Instead of having these items in either crates or loose in piles, they are now organized by containers, office, kitchen, and bath. The Space Bags have done wonders for making more room where there used to be small bags stacked up always falling over. Our boxes are still stacked up at one end, but they always come in handy when we are selling things we don’t need anymore.

Attic before recent organization:

After rearranging bins and items, the attic looked better.

There is still more work to do, but that will be for the next time. Continuous improvement.