Padding A Chair

A bunch of years ago, I purchased 2 folding bar stools from IKEA. I have used them off and on, but they aren’t very comfortable for any length of time since they are wood with no padding. After recovering a friend’s chairs, I knew I needed to add padding to these chairs and I knew how to do it.

I purchased the foam and already had a microsuede that would work great. I cut the foam and fabric and stapled it on like last time. The seat went well. The only difference was this chair had a back to cover. It wasn’t the prettiest job, but when I cover the second chair I will know how to do it right that time. I cut the fabric a little small, so the wood and edge of the fabric shows. The back of the chair was curved too which wasn’t fun. It was really difficult to get the fabric stapled but I think I will use something to wedge the curve next time and it won’t be so bad.

Pictures of before and after.

Pictures of the process.