Painting the Master Bathroom

At a little before noon, I decided that I would scrapbook this weekend and finally start working on the master bathroom today.

I started by wiping down the walls and floor which is something that was long overdue. I patched all of the little holes in the walls with light Spackle and made lunch while I waited for it to dry. Once dry it was finally on to painting. I usually trim the walls first, but wanted to see progress quickly, to keep me motivated, so I put paint on the roller and did the large portions first.

Trying to cover orange wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it did take 2 coats. I just love this Sherwin Williams Harmony no-VOC paint and the color is Temperate Taupe 6037. Just a little bit of smell from the latex paint but no stuffing of my nose or headaches. I still had the fan on since I always do that when I paint since it helps it dry.

I tried a new smaller roller this time and I really like it. It is lightweight and can fit behind the toilet to paint the wall that had never been painted before. I had to loaded it with paint more often, but I think I will use these more in the future. Also, with this smaller roller, there were a lot less drips.

It was starting to get dark when I realized I needed to install the new vanity light so I could finish trimming. The fixture is from Lowe’s and it in the mix and match collection where the fixture and glass shades are purchased separately – so I could get just what I wanted. The shades are white but I am using CFL’s and they weren’t completely warmed up yet when I took the picture below. With a little bit of light from the bedroom, I was able to finish the area I needed to so that I could install the light.

Once the light was installed I was able to finish trimming with lots of light. It looks like I might have to do a second coat of trim, but I will see what it looks like in the morning.

I hope that I can install the medicine cabinet and shower rod & curtain in the next couple days maybe tomorrow.