Adding to my tags… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… in the spirit of the week of Earth Day.

Sometimes cleaning out the house is an easy as finding friends who could use the items you don’t want/need anymore. It isn’t always easy to match up a friend with an item, but knowing that a friends will be receiving the item(s) makes it easier to let go usually.

I’ve used plastic hangers for as long as I can remember. I had them in my closet at home growing up. I took some of my mom’s unneeded ones with my to college and my first apartment. Then, I started accumulating some of my own. Different bright colors for different sections of clothes like long sleeve and short sleeve (easy way to find things quickly in a dark closet).

Recently though, I have been slowly converting to the fabric covered slim hangers. They sort of give more room in the closet, but I was looking for the non-slip quality in particular. Over the last few months, I was slowly converting my hangers and yesterday, I officially converted all of the items in the closet to the non-slip hangers.

This meant that I needed to find a home for the hangers. My friend Carla accepted the hangers and now I just have to get them to her. We will be seeing each other this weekend for Earth Day at the Zoo, so what a perfect time to reduce the items in my house and reduce her need for buying new items.