Shower Rod & Curtain Installation

One more part of the master bathroom accomplished. Once I get the last two things done, lay new flooring and paint sink cabinet, I will have to post before and after pictures. It is already different, but it will be drastically different from top to bottom after everything is done.

At first I purchased a standard curtain rod, but after seeing a curved curtain rod at a friend’s house, I returned the standard one and purchased a curved curtain rod by Moen in brushed nickel. There is so much more room in the shower and the shower curtain liner actually stays in place rather than moving into the tub.

The curved curtain rod is a little harder to install, but installation went well with only a few hiccups. I had to use screws with anchors for the drywall where I didn’t find a stud and then used a wood screw where I did find stud. That is what I expect from our walls though, so that was no surprise.

Once the curtain rod was up, I was finally able to hang my new shower curtain. The curtain rod ended up a little high, but at least the curtain reached past the top of the tub.