Tribute to Color: Purple

Purples are my favorite color group. Purple is the general name for the colors between red and blue. On the basic color wheel, purple is called Violet. In my Color college art course, I was told by my professor that purple is not a real color and we were only allowed to call it Violet. It is called Violet on the artist color wheel, so I could see from where he was coming. I still tend to use the names interchangeably, but in that class, I tried my hardest to only say violet. According to some online research, Violet is actually a specific color and purple is a general term.

Personally, I tend to favor the blue-purples, but recently started liking certain colors within the red-purples with the purchase of our couch.

Purple is seen in nature in flowers: Iris, Pansy, Azalea, Violet, Lavender, Orchid, Lilac, and so many more.

Iris Close-upAzalea

In interior design, purples can be used as main attractions or accent colors. It can either cool down or warm up a room depending on if you are on the blue or red sides. Purples can be paired with lots of other colors. If your purple doesn’t go quite right, a slight shift in the blue or red direction will make all the difference.

Sitting CornerPurple wallPurple wallCouch Close-upPresent

Purple can be used at good gift wrap also. Above is a purple scarf and ribbon wrapping up a boxed set of DVDs for a family member for Christmas. Who said Christmas presents need to be in green and/or red?

Another way purple can be used is an alternative to the pink that many female babies are put in to make sure that everyone knows they are little girls when really young.