Tribute to Color: Red

Red is the color of fire, trees in autumn, strawberries, tulips, roses, fire trucks, apples, birds and so many other things. It is a color of warmth and vibrancy. No matter how small something is, if there is red on it, it will be noticed. Stores like to use red for their signs like Target and Michael’s Crafts. There are so many variations of red from the red-oranges to the red-violets. I prefer the red to red-violet range since it is deeper and subdued in its vibrancy and feels warmer to me.

Burning bushFlowering CactusCardinal

In homes, some people use red as an accent color while others make it the main attraction as in the paint on walls.

CouchDVD StorageRed wall
We use red as an accent color in many rooms while our hallway has red walls.

Clothing is another option where red really comes in to play. Ever heard of the power suit? Many government and high ranking people wear the power suit that a lot of the time includes a red tie or scarf.

So, if you want to make a statement and stand out, red is the way to go in many aspects of your life.